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Dairy-free tips and tricks

We’ve collected up all the nuggets of wisdom our community of users have shared with us over the years;
all of which will ensure your journey to dairy-free is as tasty as possible.

Tip #1

Rice Dream is great in tea or coffee

Tip #2

Ice coffee with Coconut Dream is a seriously tasty combination

Tip #3

Use Soya Dream in post-gym smoothies for a punch of extra protein

Tip #4

Use oat Dream for seriously creamy rice pudding

Tip #5

Choose dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate for a tasty, but dairy-free, treat

Tip #6

Grilled tofu has the same chewy texture as mozzarella

Tip #7

A chocolate protein mug cake will satisfy your sweet tooth whilst dairy-free

Tip #8

Calcium is found in green leafy vegetables, tinned fish, nuts and the Dream Fresh packs

Tip #9

Coconut Dream makes delicious dairy-free pesto

Tip #10

Oat Dream gives the whole family extra fibre without even thinking about it

Tip #11

Make a refreshing dairy-free yogurt by freezing Coconut Dream overnight

Tip #12

Rice is hypoallergenic and soothes your digestive system

Tip #13

Oat Dream with a teaspoon of turmeric and cinnamon makes a delicious spicy latte

Tip #14

Coconut Dream, mango and nutmeg makes a tasty smoothie

Tip #15

Keep Dream Fresh in the fridge for an even fresher taste