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Feel energised and healthy
without compromising on taste

Using a range of Dream products, Rhiannon has worked her nutritionist magic to create a dairy-free meal plan.
It ensures you’re getting all nutritional goodness your body needs to stay awesome every single day.

Wondering what’s in our meal plan?

Roasted Vegetable Frittata

Total Time: 60-65 mins

Scrambled Egg with Avocado Pesto and Cherry Tomatoes

Total Time: 20 mins

Chicken Meatballs with courgetti or boodles

Total Time: 25 mins

Spinach, Beetroot & Turmeric Rainbow Pancakes

Total Time: 25 mins

Sesame salmon, with broccoli & sweet potato

Total Time: 30 mins

Veggie noodles with curried coconut sauce

Total Time: 60 mins

Avocado Hummus with GG Crispbreads

Total Time: 5 mins

Cacao Layered Overnight Oats

Total Time: Overnight + 5 mins prep

Tuscan style Tuna Salad

Total Time: 22 mins

Tofu Pad Thai

Total Time: 35 mins

Crunchy Kale Crisps

Total Time: 10 mins

Protein muffins

Total Time: 20-23 mins

Thai Tofu Curry

Total Time: 35 mins

Californian prawn, mango & quinoa salad

Total Time: 35 mins

Berry Boost Smoothie

Total Time: 5 mins

Banana Chia pudding

Total Time: 3-5 hours/Overnight

Tex Mex Sweet potato salad

Total Time: 40 mins

Pistachio crusted cod with puy lentil hash

Total Time: 35 mins

Apricot & Peach Bircher Muesli

Total Time: 1 hour/overnight

Protein Egg wraps

Total Time: 10 mins

Turkey Burgers with mushroom 'bun' & Fries

Total Time: 50-55 mins

Summer Berry Dream Porridge

Total Time: 7 mins

Fajita Spiced Roasted Chickpeas

Total Time: 25-35 mins

The Full Healthy

Total Time: 20 mins

Spicy butternut squash laksa soup

Total Time: 50 mins

Chicken & Serrano Ham Dairy-free Carbonara

Total Time: 35 mins

Banana Oat Bar

Total Time: 35 mins

Green Boost Smoothie

Total Time: 25 mins