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We think Dream’s pretty awesome in a lot of ways. It is a great alternative to dairy for those with a lactose allergy, plus does some serious good; helping the environment by reducing consumption. And as if that wasn’t enough, here are some of its everyday benefits...


Variety of taste

There’s Rice, Almond, Coconut, Quinoa, Oat, Ancient Grains and more! Each has a unique flavour, which means there’s a whole world of flavour out there waiting to be discovered (plus something for even the fussiest taste buds)!


added nutrition

Dream has created a range of products that are boosted with additional calcium and vitamins D & B12. That means you needn’t worry about fragile bones when you swap from dairy to plant-based drinks.


An easy swap

Dream has the same consistency as its dairy counterparts. That means whatever you’re making, be it a frothy coffee or a soufflé, you can use Dream as a direct replacement for dairy.